Subject Matter Experts


The key to communication is seeing, hearing and experiencing.  Quality images leave lasting impressions, good or bad.  Visual acuity is engineered in to the system.  Science is used to determine whether 10 point font text will be seen clearly from the back row or if eye strain will fatigue the viewer.



The presentation, conversation, program or speaker must be heard.  Accurate reproduction      and reinforcement is now “digital” offering a true myriad of control and adjustment.  Proper       utilization of these controls is the art of the science.  Our forte is applying theory in to        practice. 



Simple, intuitive, user friendly is essential for successful system operation.  Our unique method of presenting control systems is very effective. 



The modern videoconference is no longer watching TV of the other meeting.  With the current implementation of high definition in the home, the consumer expectation of video has risen.  Telepresence and HD-VTC provide vast improvements over traditional conferencing. 



Today, the PC is the main source for presentations. The network carries content and provides for control and management of the systems. 


All aspects of a meeting space contribute to the success of the project.  We have an in-depth
knowledge to address each area of impact on the meeting or operation.